Modern Chandelier in Dubai – Hand Made Chandelier – Morano By Asfour – Asfour Crystal DubaiDating back to the eighteenth century,Murano glass chandeliers were firstproduced by Venetian glassmakers on theMurano Island in Venice. Muranochandeliers were famous for lightingtheaters and prestigious palaces.The manufacturing process of Muranochandeliers is considered an artisticjourney which makes them still availableto this day and widely appreciated asbeautiful masterpieces. This type ofchandelier is distinguished by its richcolors, transparent and opaque glassvariations, and festive design elementswhich include flower-shaped glassadorning a metal frame.About MuranoAsfour Crystal introduces “Il Murano”, its very own chandeliers line that integrate theItalian Designs and Egyptian Craftsmanship together to set a new state of an artchandelier. Asfour Crystal takes pride inthe quality of its new chandeliers as theyare made of the highest quality materialextracted from the purest sand inthe world. All chandeliers are handmadeand available in a variety of designs andcolors. Il Murano chandeliers are a joyfuland fashionable trend to decorativelighting.

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